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The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (abbreviated USSR, ; tr.: Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik, SSSR), also called the Soviet UnionUnion. Britannica (Russian: Сове́тский Сою́з; tr.: Sovetskiy Soyuz), was a constitutionally socialist state...
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@shep689 all because Russia via Putin wants to recreate the Soviet union in stated public remarks. Now Baltic NATO nations are scared of


Masterpieces of world art in the museums IN Soviet Union Art Book 1965

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RT @FrankLuntz: Their marriage lasted longer than the Soviet Union. Husband and wife (age 108 and 105) celebrate 82 years married. http:/…

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RT @ektrit: @NARNfan @AlanTonelson Shipping a grand majority of manufacturing base to China after soviet union collapse was major idiocy

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