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It's hard to not be romantic about St. Louis Sports when stuff like this happens. #Blues #Cardinals #StanleyCup #BecauseItsTheCup

Twitter: @Jub1129

What the Blues need vs. The Blackhawks is a little more luck. Good grief. must be a St. Louis thing. It's like they're the Cardinals now.

Twitter: @jlkeez

RT @Brava10: Awwwww..."Bryce Harper benched for lack of hustle"

Twitter: @JHolubitsky

Washington Nationals - ST. Louis Cardinals

Twitter: @pronoMLB

I hate everything St Louis. Especially the @StLouisBlues and @Cardinals

Twitter: @MattyShoeWho

Sports fans going crazy in St. Louis right now - and not for the Cardinals

Twitter: @panicstlawyer