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RT @AndroidPolice: Stanford Researchers Create 'Holy Grail' Of Battery Tech: A Lithium Anode That Can Double Battery Power…

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@MunsonNathan I remember trying to do Stanford's Raditz, "BRUTHARR let me show you how it's DUNNN!" was always a good line to practice.

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RT @ALTravelProject: Stanford Researchers Use Carbon Nanoparticles to Create Stable Lithium Anode : Tech : Nature World News:…

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Google calls for guinea pigs for ambitious 'Baseline' health study - Study with Duke & Stanford Universities aims to revolutionise treatm...

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RT @BigSky_FB: #BigSkyFB - Patriots Sign Cal Poly's Cole Stanford | New England Patriots |

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RT @CompSciFact: The original Lisp paper. McCarthy 1960

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