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Hearne: Chris Tucker Comeback Saga Unfolds @ Stanford’s - Make no mistake, Hollywood heavyweight Chris...

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Ranking law school programs & laughing at the outcome: 1. Michigan 2. Duke 3. Northwestern 4. Stanford 5. UVA. I never would've guessed.

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RT @juliasulek: Misdiagnosed Bipolar: One girl's struggle through psych wards before Stanford doctors make bold new diagnosis.…

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RT @JodidoSilencio: American Stanford..

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True"@Stanford_Nkosi: @Sicelo_McGutswa Watching Pirates in the League is a waste of time. Mxm! I no longer bother to watch em on the league"

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@Soccerzone4sho None, they should just focus on all three trophies and never underestimated any team in any tournerment

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