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Frazier was on Colts staff that beat Bears (and Lovie Smith) in Super Bowl after 2006 season. Also beat Bears in 2001 playoffs with Eagles.

Twitter: @gregauman

Literally giggling & screaming to myself just thinking about if the Packers played in the Super Bowl in Phoenix.

Twitter: @yaytay

RT @NBAandNFLInfo: Pats pass Blount to Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh passes Blount back to Pats! Puff Puff Pass! --->

Twitter: @_KeSean_

Just a matter of time until the NFL awards a Super Bowl to Buffalo.

Twitter: @EastAdvocate

Another one from @jemorrone7 on John Fox: Anything Short of a Super Bowl and John Fox is in Serious Trouble

Twitter: @MHManiac

RT @CockyWesWelker: 6 weeks ago, the Patriots were being written off. Now, they're the Super Bowl favorites.

Twitter: @whitemamba145

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