Topic: Super Bowls
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Super Bowls on twitter
@TonyMVP9 @ESPNNFL 0 Super Bowls since 1967

Twitter: @CavsBrownsFan

How Brady and randy better than someone that won Super Bowls.

Twitter: @TheeGreatHim

That man would sell his soul for wins and Super Bowls if he hasn't already 🤐

Twitter: @the_jared2

@Ejd100J @markschlereth @GCD04 Considering he won two super bowls with Denver and was all-pro, no, they were wrong

Twitter: @BlindManBaldwin

lol a few struggles after back to back Super Bowls and this happens

Twitter: @kantwistaye

@skizott1972 @DarrinDyson @alewnes7 @Natethegreat1st how many Super Bowls does Carolina have again? 🤔

Twitter: @Capsandredskins