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Things irrelevant to whether Manning is GOAT: -Super Bowls -Scrabble Score of His Last Name -His preferred Breakfast

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@SportsCenter @ESPNNFL and 1/5 of the amount of Super Bowls they won

Twitter: @AnthonyPittelli

2014 Records- #Cowboys: 6-1 #Giants: 3-4 Super Bowls- Cowboys: 5 Giants: 4 Head-to-head- Cowboys: 61 wins Giants: 42 wins #DallasCowboys

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Brady won his last Super Bowl a decade ago... That argument about the Super Bowls needs to stop.

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@Champ_Dawg9 @RKnight04 apples to oranges talking super bowls to good draft guys are idiots

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RT @kelseylambert56: Peyton Manning never had the defense Brady, Roethlinsberger, Rodgers, and Brees had when they won Super Bowls.

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