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@Sonny_Fortunato 0-2 teams don't win Super Bowls. Historically speaking. And of course you know me. Bad luck and all.

Twitter: @PatrickLogan_12

When you boil it down, the difference between Bill Walsh and Dan Reeves is three super bowls. One lost theirs, the other won theirs.

Twitter: @Bronco_Mike251

Boxing, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball all require that defense be as important as offense. In fact, defense wins more Super Bowls.

Twitter: @cyruspavel

@ClaytonW29 @Sajjayy How many Super Bowls have you guys won since you stopped video taping other teams practices?

Twitter: @ChrisCafaro_12

Lol lemme go finish winning Super Bowls with the Rams on madden.

Twitter: @iHateMikeSmith

RT @powerhitter23: @BriChavele 2 super bowls, but every other year its a disaster-they cant move the ball an inch-its hard to watch/nut i l…

Twitter: @BriChavele