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@mrdaveturner Super bowls half-time entertainment.

Twitter: @tristanrendell

@Car_lost21 Yea because the patriots had class cheating in those Super bowls. Don't be a hypocrite faggot

Twitter: @BillsExpert

Four super bowls. Four losses. #fantasyfootball @bookavellie

Twitter: @TheKeithWest

It's early to start thinking about this but Tom Brady would be first QB in NFL history to play in 6 Super Bowls if Pats made it to Phoenix.

Twitter: @TaraSledjeski

@MarkSkog @ericj_d Respect your approach... but that is a losing mentality IMO. Org should be expected to compete for Super Bowls.

Twitter: @SirDubblin

RT @LegzzzTeeB: 👏👏 took long enough “@Only_Live1nce: @LegzzzTeeB @Lord_Balance @SirMikeCrayton Hmmmm We Won 3 Super Bowls Since 2000 Buddy.”

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