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Draft Day also believes Dallas wins Super Bowls.

Twitter: @AKDW90

We haven't scored in a while, does this count against Super Bowls? #askingforafriend

Twitter: @PatrickBouchor

@raywebster15 @Tayv_11 jumping on the patriot bs wagon after they won a couple super bowls I see huh?

Twitter: @ZGRYGZ12

@MatthewRabito We won three Super Bowls

Twitter: @TalhaMufti12

@9erbob nah he really didn't. Congrats on those Super Bowls the last of which you won in the 1994 season, 20 years ago. Last yr still sting?

Twitter: @Vanyesno

RT @CowboysNation: Saying Eli is better than Romo and using Super Bowls as justification is like saying Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson were …

Twitter: @Antoni_ology