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RT @LesleyRiddoch: Why @NationalScot not on sale in some supermarkets

Twitter: @ghiribizzo

@Publix So glad to hear this and it's what your employees deserve. I wish ALL retail and supermarkets would follow you on this.

Twitter: @BooMeister9135

Supermarkets saying they have no space 2 stock #TheNational, ridiculous!! If its what ppl want, wud it not b wise 2 make sure they stock it?

Twitter: @indyMcP

Supermarkets Plan Ahead for Thanksgiving Products

Twitter: @WVNYWFFF

RT @UKIP: READ: @DouglasCarswell's latest article for @Telegraph. UKIP is to politics what Aldi and Lidl are to supermarkets.…

Twitter: @UKIPTonbridge

RT @KarasAunty: Time we boycotted ALL chain supermarkets & reclaimed our High Streets. Local newsagents have emerged as the real stars 2day…

Twitter: @ghiribizzo