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You know supermarkets & home depot caked today💳💲💸 ! @GabeRock: It hasn't even snowed yet and the 2k servers are already down.

Twitter: @Jayhov40

Supermarkets here in N.C. clear out within hours of any forecast mentioning "snow" - no matter how little expected. @lizdahlem

Twitter: @MaggioMatt

@BryttJF I LOVE supermarkets.

Twitter: @gemmastorey

RT @PeterHoare: Supermarkets before a blizzard are like Walmarts on Black Friday. I just saw an old lady drop a C bomb in the soup aisle. #…

Twitter: @jgrife

The things you see in Asian supermarkets 😩😩

Twitter: @QueenGreene921

RT @DavidCohenEsq: 19 Ways Supermarkets Get You To Buy More Junk Food

Twitter: @JasonFeingertz