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RT @chasgustaf: @allinwithchris @chrislhayes The threat we face is a Republican House and Senate, joining the Republican Supreme Court.

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RT @dovenews: Libya Supreme Court has postponed the ruling on the legitimacy of the parliament's meetings in Tobruk until Nov 5th. Libya

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@Michael_Mischin @MMischin 2 Supreme Court Judges FAIL to up hold the Rule of Law – The Rule of Law No longer Applies to Allianz? @QuirkyMLA

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RT @LOLGOP: REMINDER: The GOP hates taxes and regulations --except ones that stop minorities from voting. #StopTheGOP

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RT @sdmunroe: Constitutional amendment would let Supreme Court justices serve for 3-year terms. I can dream, can't I?

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RT @Margaretherapy: #StopTheGOP "The Supreme Court Eviscerates the Voting Rights Act in a Texas Voter-ID Decision h…

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