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@guyreplies 300,000 dead in Syria, ISIS murdering it's way across Mid East. HAMAS etc. I'd say not enough were @_Dalal_O @nicolealjazeera

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Its official: You can no longer fly from Europe to Asia and vice versa without crossing a hellish battlefield.

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Two Turkish soldiers killed in clash with suspected smugglers near Syria border

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RT @livelyn_: "@RevolutionSyria: Only hypocrites & liars pretend to care about #Gaza while ignoring Assad’s crimes. #Syria…

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RT @FloydWhaley: Out of the frying pan and into the fire? Malaysia Airlines avoids Ukraine, flies over Syria instead

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RT @JustinKaneC: Syria: More than 700 killed in deadliest 48 hours of conflict to date; ISIS continues efforts to seize Deir Ezzor http://t…

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