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Texas Tornados - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer #nowplaying #listenlive

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Cortesia Instagram @jencarlosmusic - Texas here we come!! With my brother @amaurynolasco

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RT @june_kearns: 'Witty, sparkling, romantic - this is a fabulous read!' #texas #western #sweetromance #CR4U https:…

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RT @THEUniAdvice: Interesting heatmap: 1 in 3 international students in USA are in California, Texas or NY https://…

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Sandra Bland’s Death was Hardly Isolated – 550 People Died in Texas Jails in 2015 Alone

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@cspanwj Sorry lady from Texas! Please recalculate your data and do some research that isn't only done by the Gore bunch.

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