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@jongaunt @FubarRadio It doesn't say they want to talk to fans, they want to know what people think of your show - big difference.

Twitter: @BarryBodger

RT @GhettoHikes: "Sharice's big-ass feetprints make me think I done found the abdominal snow man."

Twitter: @SamIAm_505

@suset__ Yeahhh foooo πŸ’‚ lmao we have a big lawn mower store next to our pasture and I think of you every time I see that place and laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

Twitter: @asap_brett

don't think you too big to get to get touched.

Twitter: @duttytay

β€œ@SavvySabz: I think my butt getting big.πŸ‘β€ mine too fave

Twitter: @PepDontLuvEm

RT @blowticious: Why you think my purse so big? I keep snacks on deck. RT @MsBreeLucas: My stomach is in my back got dammit I'm hungry.

Twitter: @HoneyyDip__