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RT @fabregasesque: Rodgers: How big do you think my dick is? Stevie:

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@gordonmiller81 We're big fans of the tree :) What do you think of it Gordon?

Twitter: @greendealshop

Tiny squirrels causing big havoc for cities and businesses is more common than you'd think. via @USATODAY

Twitter: @ErikPayneCU

The kid next to me shows me a picture and ask me if I think he looks big my answer to him was "um no" then he goes on to say are you sure

Twitter: @Schwartz_P

@NOWTVSport @carling saw saints against Hull, scored after 2 mins then very negative, think they will get found out against big boys

Twitter: @monty1707

Do ever just stop and think about how big of an idiot you are? I do! #idiot #whatamidoing

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