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@oakclubhouse I think they're weird right now. I know sabr junkies hate giving big contracts to relievers.

Twitter: @jacobfagan

I think I'm have a big party for my birthday

Twitter: @JDs_Back

@jeffhumps I think they should have given more time to the flames game but the Leafs loss is a pretty big story that needs attention.

Twitter: @BMattern9

I mean I got a big booty and a decent face I think... At least I'm not just poo

Twitter: @_TenderRHOni

Once people see the big picture. They'on think to look for a bigger one 😕😪

Twitter: @_NoHeauxShxt

RT @SonyPIX: What does it take to WIN big? Only the best, is the right answer. Do you think you'll make the cut? RT to bring your friends…

Twitter: @Anishwebering