Topic: Tiananmen Square Massacre
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Tiananmen Square Massacre on twitter
RT @jkottke: Today is the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Did you know there's a wide-angle photo of Tank Man? http://t.…

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RT @mz_chief: #NoNukes #Swissleaks Tiananmen Square massacre overseer's daughter & CPI Group…

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RT @Publici: Lia Xiaolin, daughter of fmr. Chinese Premier Li Peng who had role in Tiananmen Square massacre is in #swissleaks…

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Netanyahu has been a long time proponent of ethnic cleansing. Advocated for it during the Tiananmen Square massacre #ICC4Bibi #FreePalestine

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I witnessed the massacre at Tiananmen Square. Well I saw photos. #BillOReilly

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New Post FYI: some photos of Tiananmen Square massacre you may never seen

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