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Apple CEO Tim Cook credits Intuition for his success. #How to develop yours now

Twitter: @Corp_Prophet

“@3bDoOo_: @ialowais @tim_cook” This one too Tim. Thanks.

Twitter: @ialowais

Apple CEO Tim Cook Earned $9.2 Million in 2014 as Apple Soar in Profits via Jailbreak News: The ...

Twitter: @jailbreakmodo

It's important that Apple not become the developer for the world. We need people to invent their own stuff." - Tim Cook CEO of @Apple

Twitter: @GlobalTechSpot

Tim Cook Named 'CEO Of The Year' By CNN #Productivity

Twitter: @anacondamarket

#Apple #Earnings on the Way, Can Wearables Propel Cook in 2015?: Tim Cook led #Apple (AAPL) across a successfu...

Twitter: @AAPL_Buzz