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Tim Cook on twitter
Hey @Tim_Cook look what @OnePlus guys did to your #Iphone. Dont take a selfie crying now. LOL #Diss #Tech -

Twitter: @PlayboyBPAC

Tim Cook: 60+% of iPhone 4s and 5c buyers are 'Android Switchers' #iphone #android

Twitter: @androidnewsday

RT @APHfortheBlind: "I don't consider the bloody ROI." -Tim Cook on making Apple #accessible to #blind people.

Twitter: @mikesorrenti

Tim Cook - nobody's figured out mobile payments yet, and Apple won't rush out new products: (via @wsj)

Twitter: @jldavid

Tim Cook Had A Really Interesting Answer For Why iPad Sales Appear To Be Stalling | Business Insider India

Twitter: @Nandavarapu

RT @rsa: Wow, it's really cool that Tim Cook also works at an Apple recycling center.

Twitter: @stupidchicken