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Tim Cook on twitter
#Apple boycotts German magazine for doing their job. *slow clap* for #Apple It won't change facts about #bendgate tho

Twitter: @nimsaw

Dear Tim Cook, Here’s the plan. You use your big stack of cash to buy Ireland (well at least our debt). We’ll...

Twitter: @frequencydesign

RT @_Ant1_: "Oh so you wrote a bad review? No more invites or devices for you." || Come on #Apple, you know better.

Twitter: @Yash_Agarwal97

This amazing music video should totally be an iPhone/ iPad/ iPod/ MacBook ad: cc: @tim_cook

Twitter: @qamuri

@ZeroDistraction @nateboateng they are moving too fast. I wrote Tim Cook the other day and asked him to slow down.

Twitter: @emd

RT @drdre: Challenge accepted. Stay tuned @tim_cook

Twitter: @Remixx159