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Tim Foster on twitter
RT @OzFootbalGossip: @Craig_Foster what can we do? @Tim_Cahill is the one player with the cut-through to fundamentally change the A-league!…

Twitter: @YoungChris27040

Midweek Service: Spirit-Empowered Ambition by Tim Foster

Twitter: @IPCSAV

Cars are people too

Twitter: @_Tim_Foster

I don't follow players on Twitter outside of Arian Foster. But may have to follow Tim Cahill since he's a human brand.

Twitter: @ABauer_ATR

“@Craig_Foster: Wow” thumbs down

Twitter: @NathanOnly

@OzFootbalGossip @Craig_Foster @Tim_Cahill he might do better Dubaicycle kicks over there...

Twitter: @Heathypiper