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Tim Kempton on twitter
@Kempton_18_Tim Our apologies for the delay in responding. We're glad to see you've since departed.

Twitter: @USAirways

@Kempton_18_Tim Our apologies again for the inconvenience.

Twitter: @USAirways

@trippy_Monte @Kempton_18_Tim you should just come home. Come to papa.

Twitter: @NudoMcNasty

@USAirways now what time? Doesn't look like that time will sill hold up as we're still sitting here

Twitter: @Kempton_18_Tim

@NudoMcNasty @Kempton_18_Tim yee just bar hoppin you know

Twitter: @trippy_Monte

@Kempton_18_Tim @trippy_Monte hahaha you're still there?

Twitter: @NudoMcNasty

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