Topic: Tom Tolbert
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Tom Tolbert on twitter
@KNBR it would be nice to hear it on your app, why are you streaming tom tolbert during the world series while your team is playing

Twitter: @SFG_fan21

Hey @KNBR how come on the car radio I listen to the world series but on my phone I get tom Tolbert what the hell very dissapointing

Twitter: @SFG_fan21

Check out this cool episode:

Twitter: @Rondaleeza_Rice

Tom Tolbert, your whole career was a mop up.

Twitter: @sidewaysms_com

@jeffschmidt @shortmort_6 it just so happened before there was 95.7 I did hear Billy and Susan Slusser on Tom Tolbert's show a couple times

Twitter: @Ralliney

RT @JonesOnTheNBA: Why did Tom Tolbert stop doing national media? Tired of traveling to Bristol?

Twitter: @San_Dova