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Tony Perkins: Dearborn And Neighborhoods In Minneapolis Are Muslim No-Go Zones | Right Wing Watch via @rightwingwatch

Twitter: @DianeSnavely

Tony Perkins Thinks Islamic Law Has Overtaken Parts of Minneapolis

Twitter: @Missikat

He did & so can you RT @darthwojo: Listened to Celebrity Showcase I - from The Tony Perkins Show @Stitcher @TPerkShow

Twitter: @OMearaCast

Once faith is stripped from society, [you have] secularism ..., a modern strain that is "rude, aggressive, and hegemonic." ~Tony Perkins

Twitter: @SayNo2BigGay

No small business owner should be coerced by the government to violate their conscience or religious beliefs. ~Tony Perkins

Twitter: @SayNo2BigGay

For Baker, Some Roll Reversal | Tony Perkins' Washington Update

Twitter: @SayNo2BigGay