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Tony Romo on twitter
RT @PatDoneyNBC5: Tony Romo: "The Redskins game seems to always come down to the last possession." @BlueStarBlog

Twitter: @LiveAndUncut

RT @FLGM01: ESPN NFC East: Tony Romo growing more accurate too

Twitter: @eazzz_e

Dez for a 75 yard one handed BOMB from the one and only tony romo #Superbowl #PS4share

Twitter: @StartPatmonDC

Make no mistake: Tony Romo not having to do it all by himself is big... #JasonGarrett #JerryJones #TonyRomoMistake

Twitter: @DaNewYorkTimes

RT @ADRIAN_KAL_EL: I know I'm not the only one in #CowboysNation hearing Peyton Manning call out Tony Romo right now 😂 @dallascowboys vs @…

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RT @imnoWillFerrell: Why did Michael Vick, Eli Manning, and Tony Romo walk into a bar? To watch the playoffs.

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