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jana ilikuwa Tuesday "@KanyoniKaNja_: My #MCM wa jana "@iamjoseh_: good morning to my #WCW @KanyoniKaNja_""

Twitter: @iamjoseh_

Its a beautiful sunny tuesday morning thought for the day " wake up ,get up and show up give your best conquer and defeat your goliath"

Twitter: @LetsLive2Learn

Reminder: Morning prayers @ Weekly from 07:00 to 07:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (St Mark's Kennington events)

Twitter: @stmarksken

Hitting the gym every Tuesday and Thursday morning since my friends too lame to come with me

Twitter: @_xSweetBri

Good Tuesday Morning #capeTown, are you really an #entrepreneur? Check this out -->

Twitter: @vigocms

Gold Turns Lower As Focus Shifts To ECB Gold prices are notably lower Tuesday morning,

Twitter: @Nigeria_Forex

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