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Did gel nails on Tuesday morning because it had been a month and I already have a chip. #stylistproblems

Twitter: @HayD_HD

can we just skip to Friday? & then to Tuesday morning? 🙏

Twitter: @manereeaurum

I go to bed at 4 am every morning and school starts Tuesday what do I do I can't even try to sleep wil 4

Twitter: @hopingziam

Leaving Tuesday morning for Lake George while all you fuckers are in school (((((:

Twitter: @Miissyyx3

@Iruberuto @PreseaSage it does but Friday I have one class in the morning and I'm off till next Tuesday ! Also have you beat xillia 2 yet?

Twitter: @StudentJude

Outa Here Tuesday Morning🚍

Twitter: @_xoShani

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