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Was freezing outside Tuesday. They had the AC on in the classroom. It's hot out today. No AC. Slightly confused here.

Twitter: @RuffinJD

I was satisfied with 275 on power clean Tuesday

Twitter: @OGkid15

Another day of handing out my CV, got an interview Tuesday hope it goes well

Twitter: @_Cheeky_Bingo

RT @acomplee: I wish my GPA would go up on a Tuesday

Twitter: @Call_me_celeee

@Iron_Banner I just got the Vex Mythoclast on Tuesday, so I was leveling it up in your playground by melting fellow guardians. #IronBanner

Twitter: @mercenary06

i have a project on surrealism for my photography class and its due tuesdaY and i still havent taken the surrealistic photos bc :///

Twitter: @cozymish