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Dana Perino opinions do NOT vary on this: Now u #TheFive thank PBO 4 restoring economy after Bush's (Jerk) disaster!

Twitter: @NETRetired

Gold Drops on U.S. Economy; Platinum Falls on Labor Talks

Twitter: @NonVitalTooth

@iwasid it certainly is for teachers: the economy, and the fear-of-everything post 9/11. The U.S. is full of strange and powerful emotions.

Twitter: @ShunraCat

RT @FredRosner: Every now and then, #wallstreet stops napping. #business #finance #economy

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RT @Politics_PR: Awesome News For Obamacare and the Economy: CBO lowers U.S. deficit estimates as health subsidies fall…

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With the economy in #China slowing, will they start calling in debt from the #USA? Just what the U.S. did to #Germany in 1930.

Twitter: @sgtis0905