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But seriously, I guarantee half of the U.S population has no idea what is going on in today's world and that frustrates me.

Twitter: @DHAGERMAN1234

When the U.S. BLS looks into its crystal ball, it sees an aging population in need of care and a construction indust…

Twitter: @AndrewOrtiz413

Detailed PROOF of U S Plan to destroy 90 percent of World Population with Ebola: via @YouTube

Twitter: @williamsilks

RT @rania_masri: U.S-led raids hit grain silos in Syria, kill workers "Starving the Syrian population before liberating it. The... http://…

Twitter: @EvryLifeCounts

RT @Shocking__Facts: The U.S. has 5% of the world's population yet it generates 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Twitter: @witnessness

RT @isagenix: Did you know the U.S. population is #aging quickly and #Americans are living longer?…

Twitter: @danaspragg

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The Mohammed Code
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