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Good read— Beware of those wanting to erode the U.S. Constitution: via @MercuryOneOC #tcot #ccot #FergusonReport

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MT @th3j35t3r: @BraceyLane Constitution was written by&is defended by Patroits. Using it's Freedoms to collude w/enemy still makes u traitor

Twitter: @RichardRSmithJr

@AngelaGreben Your understanding of the U.S. Constitution is flawed. What makes you think they don't have the right to block?

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Hey fella, before basing an argument on the U.S. Constitution you might want to ya it.

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RT @YoungCon1266: Thank you Col. West. Enlist in the U.S. FREEDOM ARMY at Restore the Constitution.…

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RT @IanMolony: Why Boehner’s invite to Netanyahu is unconstitutional #JustTheFacts @wessmith123 @WildPowers

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