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U.S. Constitution on twitter
When President Obama first said “If congress won’t act I will,” he declared war on the U.S. Constitution. In...

Twitter: @maltoy2000

Obama, Dems Ignoring - Working Around the U.S. #CONSTITUTION! RETWEET #USA #Conservatives #TeaParty #TeaTeams

Twitter: @911USA1

Can Islam Be REFORMED to be compatible to the U.S. Constitution? @PoliticalIslam

Twitter: @PoliticalIslam

@MsCreativeTwist You don't have protection of the Constitution to interfere with other people's business because you're mad. U mad?

Twitter: @caustinray72

Query: Is the U.S. Constitution and the American jury system consistent with Jaynes-style probability theory?

Twitter: @empirical_bayes

RT @reallyraisin: Santorum: ‘Sep. of Church & State' in Soviet Const not U.S. Const Muddy the waters - that's what l…

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