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RT @Lrihendry: During World War II, the Imperial Japanese army bombed China with bubonic plague. Caused epidemic outbreaks. Obama infected …

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RT @blackveilbrides: Tonight we are playing at O2 Academy Leeds! BVB Army will we see you there? Come join us with special guest... http://…

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Touch of military at Expo: SINGLETON’S Australian Army Infantry Museum is hosting the bi-annual All Things Mil...

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US has ended formal coordination w/ Free Syrian Army & will devote itself to building its own ground force. #ISIS

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Percussion Warfare: US Marines vs. Republic of Korea Army (In a Drumming ... - AkihabaraNews: Percussion Warfa...

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RT @TileArtisan: Our choice is very clear concerning Liberty. The US Freedom Army is pro Liberty. Enlist in the http…

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