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USS Enterprise on twitter
#QuintetLaunch : 118 launched the USS enterprise (Human Quintet).

Twitter: @QuintetLive

Check out what I found. A-POL820 - Polar Lights - 1/1000 USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A Star Trek Model Kit via @eBay_UK

Twitter: @StarryApp_Celeb

@laila_jane I'm guessing they're Scotty's dilithium crystals for the USS Enterprise. Do I win $5?

Twitter: @MrCCMiller

USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-E @ussstorm #StarTrek

Twitter: @ussstorm

So today I made out with an alien and was on the bridge of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). Amazing times with the @oculus_rift :D

Twitter: @mwebi

Photo: oldschoolgarage: CVN-80,USS Enterprise

Twitter: @weirdig