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USS Enterprise on twitter
From the intersection of Makers and Trekkies, we get this impressive, microprocessor-controlled USS Enterprise

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RT @nbagenda: instead of "boyfriend" or "girlfriend", use gender neutral terms like: - Rival - Archnemesis - Vampire Lord - USS Enterprise …

Twitter: @kalefart

@the100MileMan Hey Jesse, just sent you a pitch 2 Jenn fm Andrew Probert, known for designing the USS Enterprise for Star Trek. Thx.

Twitter: @StarlightSource

Photoset: toocatsoriginals: January 14, 1969 - Explosion and Fire on the USS Enterprise off the Vietnam...

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@quiltoni Woah! Did you get that sewing machine off of the USS Enterprise?? Love that design, looks great. ^_^

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Star Trek Haynes USS Enterprise Press-Out & Build Available in the U.K.

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