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Umami (Japanese: 旨み、旨味、うまみ) is one of the five basic tastes sensed by specialized receptor cells present on the human tongue.Sherry Seethaler, "UCSD-led, University of California, San Diego, August 23, 2006. The same taste is also known as xiānwèi in Chinese cooking...
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so much love for 🍔🍔🍔 #burgazzzz #umamiburger @ Umami Burger Santa Monica

Twitter: @katyshoodrat

RT @cristonthomas: #AllBackAffair this Friday with a dress code strictly enforced @ Umami Sushi Lounge and Grill Fusion…

Twitter: @PippennotPimpin

@foodandwine with a sprinkle of toasted crushed dulse this would have an extra umami kick to compliment the tomatoes :)

Twitter: @AtlanticKitchen

Jus a lil bday sushi action #umami #SF

Twitter: @imtiazj

@LivioFellugaCo It's tough to pair high- acid wines with umami-rich foods. Must give it a try! #AbbaziadiRosazzo 2012

Twitter: @parkerwong

If you don't know, now you know 🍔🍻 #dinner @ Umami Burger

Twitter: @zub_808

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