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Umami (Japanese: 旨み、旨味、うまみ) is one of the five basic tastes sensed by specialized receptor cells present on the human tongue.Sherry Seethaler, "UCSD-led, University of California, San Diego, August 23, 2006. The same taste is also known as xiānwèi in Chinese cooking...
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I checked in at Umami Burger on #Yelp

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@lasvegasgolfer Yup. I really like the set up. Great spot. I like that whole Umami Burger setup from the bar to patio.

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About to go #down #burgers #dipped in #truffle everything @ Umami Burger

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Umami Burger completes all of my white girl fantasies.

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RT @PippennotPimpin: New Video🎥 #AllBlackAffair 9-12-14 Umami's Lounge 500 Amity Rd. Conway,AR ⚫️🐒x2⚫️http://t.c…

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