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Meanwhile in Utah: DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana #drugs #marijuana #stonedrabbits

Twitter: @RealJohnnyMal

@silverxspoon im flying to utah to surprise her n meet her IM AL EXNDKWMNFKX

Twitter: @silverxspoon

Senate OKs bill banning makers from setting contact lens prices in Utah #contactlens

Twitter: @4ucontactlenses

@TrevorCholmes @jayjayray13 Awww you're not coming to Utah for my birthday? :((

Twitter: @WhittakerHeinz

Utah Senate panel approves bill restricting young people from smoke shops #Vape #vaping

Twitter: @VapeSpark

Stockton ends the 2nd period leading 3-2 over Utah

Twitter: @Power_Drago2009

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