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Hey Jake Murphy might replace Dennis Pitta...Raven's TE is meant to be from Utah!

Twitter: @Utechick303

@spenfree3 & @jonah_mathews4 expecting large herd of coaches today at @samohoops -USC, Stanford, Cal, Vandy, AZ State, Utah, Gonzaga & Rice

Twitter: @trigonis30

“@UofUHealthCare: Our @AndrewPaviaMD is talking now about the detection of enterovirus #D68 in Utah.”

Twitter: @marivillasenor

RT @IAMLILBUB: BUB's got her bag packed. In fact, she is typing this a mile above the state of Utah. LA in 2 hours.

Twitter: @Smosh__Sara

RT @sheena5427: The @UUtah now has a place among the stars after a local astronomer immortalized the school via asteroid…

Twitter: @TribGeek

RT @Yahoo: A dinosaur with a gigantic nose, possibly used to lure mates, has been discovered in Utah:…

Twitter: @BadOhStat13