Topic: Victor Yang
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Victor Yang on twitter
@Hafiz_berahim ok yang. U too. Have a great night 😊

Twitter: @jaclyn_victor

@JazreenJais not alone but at home. What's up yang

Twitter: @jaclyn_victor

RT @Giants: The #Giants take a 7-0 lead on a yard 26yd TD pass from QB Eli Manning to WR Victor Cruz! #NFL

Twitter: @Yin_Shamyr_Yang

Omg Victor and his accents 😂😂

Twitter: @yang_chen21

@kera_yang tbh, I've never seen Star Wars. Hey, do you know what victor's email is?

Twitter: @vivi_who

@vivi_who victor has never been to the motherland, your argument is invalid.

Twitter: @kera_yang