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WASHINGTON on twitter
Best #Seattle #DEALS ~~<@@>~~ Come #travel #website first =>

Twitter: @caydge

RT @theFerminator: Arc de Freedom Tower @ Washington Square Park

Twitter: @conquer_nyc

Obama updates Sharif on his coming India visit: WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama Friday telephoned Prime ...

Twitter: @alonebroken

[NFL: San Francisco 49ers] - Harbaugh Previews San Francisco vs. Washington.. #49ers #NFL

Twitter: @SF_49ers_News

#nowplaying U2 - Even Better Than The Real Thing - Washington DC August 16 1992 - #U2 #U2LiveConcerts

Twitter: @u2radiosongs

VISA approved and flight ticket booked! Going next Sunday for 1,5 year to Washington D.C.!!!

Twitter: @svenbloem

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