Topic: Whitney Houston
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Whitney Houston on twitter
RT @Smoothsmith8: Baby bird or Whitney Houston?🐣🎤

Twitter: @GarrettWilson4

Whitney Houston tho.. 🎵🙌

Twitter: @FelloAyala

RT @BestRareVocals: Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You, 1994

Twitter: @na_avalos

RT @PIERREREACT: No she's not Whitney Houston is today's Whitney Houston bitch you tried it

Twitter: @essencehemingwa

It's impossible not to desk-dance while listening to Whitney Houston's Gospel-infused version of "Joy to the World." #Christmasmusictime

Twitter: @abvandervliet

RT @isiahmuhammad_x: The 80's must've been POPPIN'! Between Michael Jackson, Prince, Bobby Brown, and Whitney Houston... Man... I should've…

Twitter: @Josh_Brown206