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Working on this short film trilogy...feel like Artemis from The Wild Wild West. Gadgets and tricks all up my sleeves. Wickedsauce

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Jeff is the best in the Wild West. Coming from Cali all alone with the rest. New York is very different but it is certainly the test

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RT @bickwhitener: @Lizzs_Lockeroom Remember "vigilante justice" back in the wild west of the late 1800's. The "crowd" rarely sees from a ho…

Twitter: @Lizzs_Lockeroom

North West and Wild-Wild West?? Seems legit

Twitter: @ItsVites

So the West's allegedly trying for baby number 2 and somebody suggest them name it 'Wild Wild' looool

Twitter: @ItsVites

RT @RMicheleGreen: Watch: "The Wild West Bank" where Jew-only settlements drive out Palestinians v. @davidsheen (He…

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