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William Conner on twitter
RT @montyyy_x: If yer scottish n still voting no after #fuckoffscotland trending down south we need William Wallace back from the dead tae …

Twitter: @Typical_Conner

@conner_james Hello this is me, William. I am inebriated. Let us begin copulating.

Twitter: @billybagginsqt

@JeredonOConner Jeredon William O'Conner, do it for your TSBF, pleaseeeeeeeee? 😏

Twitter: @itsmaxinedior

.@Conner_P would you vote no if William Hill were to close all bookies in Scotland? Hefty gamble right there. 😜

Twitter: @_StepUpAndPlay_

"A person who makes no mistake does not usually make anything" William Conner Magee

Twitter: @VesnaHrsto

"The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything." ~William Conner Magee #TheWorldIsYours

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