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William Hughes on twitter
I want to be on the same level as Dr. Seuss, James Baldwin, Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, and Langston Hughes

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QUESTION: Why won't William Tecumseh Sherman produce his birth certificate? What does he have to hide? Unbelieveable. #MLSAtlanta

Twitter: @Morgan_Hughes

FACT: William Tecumseh Sherman hasn't responded to any interview requests since releasing his highly offensive #MLSAtlanta tweet yesterday.

Twitter: @Morgan_Hughes

FACT: William Tecumseh Sherman has never attended a Columbus Crew game, nor has he ever even been to COSI. #MLSAtlanta #NorthernAggression

Twitter: @Morgan_Hughes

RT @BScenex: William Guarnere with Frank John Hughes, who portrayed him in Band of Brothers. Guarnere died last Saturday at 90 , http://t.…

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RT @tshapir: William Guarnere w/Frank John Hughes,portrayed him in Band of Brothers.Died last Saturday at 90 , @DKC…

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