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RT @USCJan: @TheBloggess Years ago a friend asked me if I liked Wilson Phillips. I said "yes, he's great."

Twitter: @yarnalone

@andiABCs I once decided to make an at-home movie of this MG book I loved - The Doll in the Garden. Wilson Phillips was the soundtrack.

Twitter: @MirandaKennealy

Hold on - Wilson Phillips now playing on #Lovers #Radio #Tunein :

Twitter: @Lovdio_com

@MirandaKennealy's the only song I associate immediately with Wilson Phillips.

Twitter: @andiABCs

Just had a sudden urge to listen to Wilson Phillips. Wonder what that's all about.

Twitter: @MirandaKennealy

Hold on by Wilson Phillips make me want a best friend like Kristen Wiig

Twitter: @kyleigh_14