Topic: World Peace
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World Peace on twitter
RT @GrahamCookeBBH: "We get pressure from the world and circumstances and life all the time - but peace can be an equalizing pressure on th…

Twitter: @craigmattox

let's all pray for World Peace!

Twitter: @bylingB8be

@o_mai_gus LAX!! I've also talked to Metta world peace & Gary Payton. Couldn't get pictures w/ them because my boss was there

Twitter: @dORTEGA75

@mitchgrassi @SUP3RFRUIT would you rather live in a world of peace or live in a world where you rule?

Twitter: @VintagePhase

I wish that everyone in the world could just get along and learn to love and keep peace. We don't need so much hurt and anger in the world.

Twitter: @Minecraft_Man24

😊💙 rt“@elissakh: Again Happy Eid to everyone around the world!!filled with prosperity and peace.. 💖💖💖”

Twitter: @Loojyy