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Oh god, they've got Yvonne Strahovski? Sarah Walker noooo

Twitter: @Timinole

@MelRivers my heart and soul goes out to you! hang in there I understand I too am an only child

Twitter: @yvonne_walker

yvonne strahovski as sarah walker icons - credit to @factbeforeblood on twitter reblog or like this post if...

Twitter: @factbeforeblood

@Joan_Rivers get well soon Joan!

Twitter: @yvonne_walker

@sundaytrain I love that you ship Olicity and have Sarah Walker as your header (at least Yvonne). Big time Chuck and Arrow fan ☺️

Twitter: @amellysmoak

I'm Her Royal Highness Queen Artiscia Yvonne Walker and This is who I am.... #remember

Twitter: @SimplyVille