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#NSA #PUA RB: A comms junction point was sought abroad in order to circumvent G-10 filters.Providers provided access.Began early 2005 #NSAUA

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@alsciende thanks. The My Decks shows the old version still. How do access last auto save? I see red exclamation point next to deck name

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#Deals #82 Ap 135 - Wireless Access Point - 802.11 A/B/G/N [Personal Computers] #electro...

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@UNB not a lot of point linking to a story behind a paywall... limits the access people have to information about our school, doesn't it?

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RT @auntysarah: Article making the point that cis men and women wanting access to orchidectomy and hysterectomy don't need 2 referrals. Tra…

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The lesson we must learn from the evolving workforce, access to information is key, the starting point - #EIM #Cloud

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