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U.S.Households with a disabled adult or child What�s the maximum award- -

Twitter: @GrantsAssistUSA

.@hosienation Some children actually have it too good. They have a hard time as an adult when others say no to them.

Twitter: @NattyGuerilla

Happy 18th baby girl!! I love you so much!! I now have 2 adult children....what??? 😳 They will always…

Twitter: @BMMoles

RT @envirorealism: @mariongroves @tan3user Why does our "adult government" base its decisions on children's fairytales. All this evolution …

Twitter: @dragonsaerie

I don't speak to young children. They do not realize how serious the "adult" world is.

Twitter: @utau_karasu

Requiring Airlines to Institute a Bill of Rights for Food Allergic Children/Adult Passengers

Twitter: @zolaism