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RT @TimsWithDC: Anderson Creek is a private kingdom littered with elderly caucasian men and hot milfs.

Twitter: @alyssa_shelley

I got Anderson to say "mincey" today and that's it my job is done, beam me up friends

Twitter: @alyssa_coker

If you are friends with Alyssa Anderson on snapchat I feel bad for you

Twitter: @SnappinPIRTLE

Visit: #Alexis_Banks #Alexis_Texas #Ali_Rose #Alia_Lando #Alyssa_Miller #Alyssa_Omlie

Twitter: @hardonpic

@jdkem ms anderson never checks our hw πŸ˜‚ but she still counts it 😁😁

Twitter: @alyssa__crosby

Best friends since the beginning πŸ’• sammantha_anderson

Twitter: @Paige_Alyssa_