Topic: Anger Management
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Anger Management on twitter
RT @Dechellee: I have anger management

Twitter: @Im_OutOfControl

My anaconda don't want none unless you got your anger management together Hun

Twitter: @Loving_joy_

My bf told me if I don't goto anger management he gon leave me lmfaoo ..... man please

Twitter: @maniibaiilando

RT @__alexus: I need anger management 😂😂😂 I be so mad at anything!

Twitter: @maiyah___

@HarriedWizard @chen_free Good grief. That is wrong in so many ways. It's like having The Hulk as your anger-management counselor.

Twitter: @deborahblake

This hadith worked better than all the anger management lessons we had in secondary school tbh

Twitter: @ummmuawiyahh

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