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Approval Rating on twitter
RT @GOP Obama's approval rating approaches all-time low:

Twitter: @american_dfndr

.@aspirational12 Others might point to Obama's 42% approval rating. So it is far game to ask why is he so unpopular.

Twitter: @MrWalterShapiro

The presidents approval rating is just spiraling and spiraling down down down. Man. 😓

Twitter: @LoonaDae

RT @thehill: Obama's approval rating is near his record low, and executive action on #immigration might not help:

Twitter: @AndyMukk

And unfortunately at this point Obama will do anything to get his approval rating up from ~37% so who knows what will happen next.

Twitter: @LovMeOrKATEme

@TwitchyTeam @biglugg77 We also thinks #Obamacare was a good idea and that his approval rating is 100%.

Twitter: @jonmartin44