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RT @bjs5555: Approval Rating: President Obama - 50%, Congress - 16%.........

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@SpeakerBoehner @McConnellPress REMEMBER @ScottPelley @60Minutes SAID APPROVAL RATING @BarackObama IS OVER 3X HIGHER THAN @GOP CONGRESS

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Vox Populi Survey: Govt Approval Up, SMC Returns to Lead: The government's approval rating rose to its highest...

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what do u want from me alistair!!!!!!!! how can i improve ur approval rating!!!!!

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RT @SpryGuy: FUN FACT: Obama's highest approval rating is higher than Reagan's. Even Obama's lowest rating is higher than Reagan's lowest. …

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If Obama is a lame-duck president then what you are Mani Shankar Aiyar? Do you know the job approval rating of congress?

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