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#9: Spring Powered FPS-300 AK-47L RIS Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun with Bi-Pod Airsoft Rifle ...

Twitter: @cristal4828

@osnighthawk nice reporting how about #factchecking how can an assault rifle be stolen when there never was one in the stores inventory?

Twitter: @skinnyviewnorth

At Home In NAZI AMERICA -> Connecticut Man Faces Charges For Unregistered Assault Rifle, Standard Capacity Magazines!

Twitter: @DavidScarbrough

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then use the profits to buy an assault rifle. See if life makes the same mistake twice

Twitter: @OhhsamaAhmad14

First CT Gun Owner Charged for Unregistered Assault Rifle via @gunnewsonline

Twitter: @rdarwa

FIRST ARREST? Connecticut Man Faces Charges For Unregistered “Assault Rifle,” Standard Capacity...

Twitter: @deltaarsenal

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