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RT @StephenKing: According to reports, Robert Lewis Dear was using an assault rifle, similar to an AK-47. We'll see. In any case, it wasn't…

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I liked a @YouTube video from @bennycentral Black Ops 3 Best Class Setup for XR-2 Assault Rifle - Best Classes

Twitter: @MrBandez

"Yes, let's give THIS man an assault rifle." - #America

Twitter: @mikelinhares

I liked a @YouTube video from @therealmarkofj HVK-30 Assault Rifle is WORTH USING! (Black Ops 3)

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RT @MsEntropy: I wonder, where was "the white man with an assault rifle" radicalized? #PlannedParenthoodShooting

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Did you know that knives kill 5x the amount of people each year as all types of rifles (assault rifle&hunting) combined according to the FBI

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