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Assault Rifles on twitter
A school in the US has armed personnel with AR-15 Assault Rifles Weapons escalation out of control #Auspol

Twitter: @shellzzz

White boy: *Killin spree* (with assault rifles) Cops: "Put your gun down!" Nigga: Walking away with coke unarmed Cups: *shoots em 4 times*

Twitter: @Mustbesuccesful

@occupythemob hey Hugh in the pic where are the cops assault rifles?

Twitter: @sierramike320

RT @as_duncan: @MrMilitantNegro @dierdrelewis Open carry asswipes can walk around stores with assault rifles and no cop bothers them, black…

Twitter: @Gimmeabud

RT @bennyc50: Was the Cubs protest game played with assault rifles aimed at the protestors?

Twitter: @adamczech

@UniteBlueTX @CanProveIt @kroger Assault rifles in supermarkets ? We watch with awe for your next piece of insanity America.

Twitter: @Altraider

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