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RT @democrab: Peaceful protesters usually aim assault rifles at people, right? #RightWingLogic #BundyRanch http://t…

Twitter: @tom_news2

@CODNextGen sort the guns and spawns out it's horrible spawning in being sprayed down with assault rifles ffs.

Twitter: @megustameh

RT @TheFunnyRacist: What do assault rifles and black people have in common? You used to be able to buy both of them.

Twitter: @ThrainIAm

RT @ClifKimp: @jehitch @ravngsofamadman @ToConservatives lastly the mainstream civil rights movmnt was peaceful not armed with assault rifl…

Twitter: @jehitch

I HATE QUICKSCOPING, too many people with smg's, assault rifles,sniping should be faster

Twitter: @jayhayer5

RT @OverlyManlyMaan: Assault rifles made illegal? Better keep my pants on then.

Twitter: @danielwratten69

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