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Assault Weapon on twitter
Launch your assault now take it easy, raise your weapon. one word and it's over .

Twitter: @dopestbeauty_

@Lowblunts416 10-4 it's Mr Adam Segra previous criminal record reckless driving , DUI , assault , possession of a weapon the list goes on

Twitter: @arabmandem

My swank is my weapon i walk with it verbally assault with it

Twitter: @OldieMinez

If I'm being assaulted, you're damned right I want an assault weapon! #guncontrol #2A

Twitter: @KendalBlack

Assault weapon deadline arrives - Tea Party Command Center #tcot

Twitter: @Dee1776

First Arrest in Connecticut for Unregistered “Assault Weapon” and M #guncontrol #2a via @Guns_Save_Lives

Twitter: @MBReel