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RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: The only way to stop a 9-year-old with an assault rifle is to make sure that all responsible 9-year-olds have assault ri…

Twitter: @I_Connections

I am not a Halo fanboy like the way @SenatorSpacer is but even I have to admit that Halo: CE has one of the best assault rifles in games.

Twitter: @Vod_Crack

Two more guns gold for my #Diamond Assault Rifles :)

Twitter: @BasicallyGawd

RT @CerromeRussell: I wish these nerds with assault rifles in Walmart knew that uncle Sam will let you carry one in the Marines free of cha…

Twitter: @mistervee83

@Ninjaboy112_ I'd say I'd flip but they have assault rifles

Twitter: @paddybryant_

RT @docrocktex26: We've seen White men openly carry assault rifles in Target AT WILL, without provocation. #JohnCrawford was killed holding…

Twitter: @Blac_Jeebus

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