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then again, aftwe I been playing the whole game with assault rifles and then suddenly I get the ray gun I do get too ballsy..

Twitter: @wynterfresh14

@paulcsansom @Joey7Barton @YossiBenayoun15 ...assault rifles, etc and let's see if they still look like your terrorist boogeymen?

Twitter: @Charles71665808

@NewbishDM we can always go see monkies riding horses shooting assault rifles. I hear it's pretty astounding.

Twitter: @zephyr_lite

RT @SleazySli: Guns don't kill people, people kill people. So let's arm the people with assault rifles. Seems legit.

Twitter: @That_Damn_Duck

‘You have to be pro-life when they get out of the womb’ - @GovChristie, vetoer of pro-life bills banning assault rifles & limiting mag size.

Twitter: @augieray

he just backflipped and shot two guys on opposite sides, then shot 8 guys with pistols wielding assault rifles close-range. hahahaha yesss

Twitter: @LegatoStaccato

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