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Now we're all scared of Ebola. Can't fight that with laser guns, light sabers, or Automotic Assault rifles can you? #calmyoself

Twitter: @HipHopVader

Still working on the top 3 assault rifles vid and will get working on the gta funny races

Twitter: @yeaabuddygaming

@kroger You can keep your armed extremists and let them play with their assault rifles in your stores. Good riddance. #gunsense #MomsDemand

Twitter: @panegron

RT @TikiFirework: Straight headshots my boyfriend uses assault rifles, im deadly with a sniper #cod #CallofDutyPlayer

Twitter: @F4roosi

.UR Muslim leader Obama has done more for guns than Kalishnikov did for assault rifles. @mikeejoe @SlayerIceDeath @JanMorganMedia

Twitter: @CzarZellem

@KathyGoodGirl @JayStylus @TheRevAl Do u know we had assault rifles ban in the 90s and early 00s? Didn't seem like we had a problem then.

Twitter: @Bravenewdems

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