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#SevenHoustonians convicted in plan to send assault rifles into Mexico

Twitter: @09v

Air Mexico had a passenger with 2 assault rifles tattooed on the side of his head. I'm glad I'm on delta.

Twitter: @Jeff_DforThree

They should give people who want to buy assault rifles a psychological test: watch the scene in I Am Legend where will smith has

Twitter: @ksrdar

@ZakSkaro Yeah, it is really dumb. I'm fine with people having guns, but not assault rifles and stuff like that.

Twitter: @ThatsSoBoris

one where you can have all the RPGs and assault rifles you want and you have to pray 9 times a day or your head is cut off

Twitter: @kylefortyseven

RT @Blacksmith222: I don't own any assault rifles. All my guns r defense rifles #2A

Twitter: @mgdauber

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