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@MichaelCondrey Will there be more weapon buffs soon? ASM1 is out gunning most assault rifles and a lot of guns are still unusable in public

Twitter: @4DHunter

Safe 'assault' weapon. Kid-friendly. #guns #nra #nyuknyuk

Twitter: @passepartout

RT @ReviveLiberty: "@AmmoLand: 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Case" #2A #LibertyIsRising

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@dadsagainstmda @Easy8Jokich @BaltJoe Pendejo, you said it wasn't an assault weapon.

Twitter: @jebocanegra1

@Easy8Jokich @BaltJoe One of your idiot friends said the AR-15 isn't an assault weapon.

Twitter: @jebocanegra1

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