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Udon noodle assembly line at Marukame #Honolulu

Twitter: @k_appleton

Msb tactless decamp assembly line: orK

Twitter: @GenesisBrickman

RT @StonerVines: Blunt assembly line

Twitter: @AYEyoGIANNI

RT @PrimarySklProbs: Being at the front of the line to walk to assembly and feeling like royalty leading your peasant subjects to war

Twitter: @TS_Jongup

RT @kmcleane2: @BirdHaley @macykat7 @carlee_eliz14 @Sierra_Lites loved our assembly line going home today! 😂

Twitter: @BirdHaley

Assembly line half-done the hard-and-fast octastyle: uYxXvGSu

Twitter: @MiltonWalter5

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