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RT @MargaretMolloy: This year, Millennials will overtake Baby Boomers. 6 facts via @mzuna

Twitter: @creativeoncall

What does retirement mean for the Baby Boomers generation? Does it means finding something to do that will use well those life lessons?

Twitter: @mrhvital

@BillGates In the US, biggest issue is cost of aging baby boomers ... healthcare costs plus inability for most to afford basic living costs.

Twitter: @rocky_diane

nothing is ever good enough for baby boomers. if you don't disappoint your own parents, you can always disappoint someone else's

Twitter: @AlbertRuncorn

Keep seeing articles referencing the "surprise" of millennials outnumbering baby boomers. is this really such a shock? apparently...

Twitter: @C_Wrenn024

The young are quitting politics, and that’s a danger to our democracy: Baby Boomers left the church; their children…

Twitter: @POLSToronto