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@homuralily that sounds p nice ... i love her tho i need to do background checks too

Twitter: @montilyet

SF Handcuffs Employers 2 Give Ex-Cons a Break-ordinance restrict criminal-background checks job applicants could pose danger public safety

Twitter: @jeffery2116 Inteli Gator: Get full background checks, criminal records, court records, marriage and ...

Twitter: @ReversePhoneReg

Ruling declares expanding background checks, limiting capacity of ammo magazines are constitutional

Twitter: @Pooch1143

RT @atomiktiger: Background checks are a meaningless 'feel-good' blankie - NOT a solution > #2A #NRA #PJNET http://t…

Twitter: @drakemores

@CBurke1856 is whoring me out and we aren't even at the bars yet... At least he has already done background checks 👌

Twitter: @Megan_Smith27