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With reduced threshold 2 get initiatives on the ballot R U curious how much is being spent on '16 measures? Check:

Twitter: @CA_FPPC

Top Story: Local initiatives in LA county aimed banning #fracking are headed to court over ballot language @KPCCmolly

Twitter: @CAFrackFacts

.@kennytorrella Thanks for following; back atcha. I admire the work of the HSUS, especially their efforts on MI Wolf ballot initiatives.

Twitter: @Elderstones

Advocates in ME believe voters will legalize retail marijuana and are working on 2016 ballot initiatives, but they disagree on how to do it.

Twitter: @agedwhiskeyman

Just what we need, more initiatives... "2016 election poised for initiative avalanche" via @jfwildermuth #CA2016

Twitter: @LevinsonJessica

RT @CRNeditor: #Missouri could have 2 #marijuana legalization initiatives on the ballot in 2016: #cannabis #weed #Le…

Twitter: @S_Comeau