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Birth Certificate on twitter
@G2gfifa @Legend_Today Think like a passport pic or birth certificate. not 100% sure

Twitter: @CFCAbdullah_

Don't have a copy of my birth certificate don't have my physical yet idk if ill even be able to get one

Twitter: @amanda_schock

@missdimples_17 mmmhh, I see, leemma see that birth certificate, finna see if you are lying or not . 😂

Twitter: @breanna_rocha09

@fuxkingcamrennn @calpalpizzax I told u I'm 97 you haven't seen my birth certificate

Twitter: @IrwinsImpala

@modestsunbather today i was born. The next one is the birth certificate one and thanks

Twitter: @miguel_gold

@JohnnaBillman @audrey_lynne09 hmmm look at the birth certificate and see who's right😡

Twitter: @colegarner6