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Birth Certificate on twitter
Cosmic Joke the worlds wealth is based on the fraud of the birth certificate. wall st is a shell game people think they have wealth lol

Twitter: @TheEschaton2012

RT @CampoRetro: I’m calling you Edward because that’s what it says on your birth certificate #BrianCloughQuotes to Teddy Sheringham

Twitter: @AntarcticMonkee

That guy isn't in high school somebody forged a birth certificate. That is a grown ass man.

Twitter: @capdynamo

RT @tfunnyjokes: Shut up bitch, your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.

Twitter: @hakuna_moncada

[Video] Leaked? ... Cold Case Posse Knows Who Forged Obama's Birth Certificate | America's Conservative News http://conservativeamericaonl

Twitter: @jthres

Health Director who Approved Obama Birth Certificate Dies in Plane Crash ( video) | RestorLiberty via @po_st #PJNET

Twitter: @Lileensvf1

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